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-dragging out the porting procedures so that they can continue to bill you for the temporary number, while you're still being billed by your current telephone service provider (by the way - that's illegal). Globalinx may tell you that that their having issues with porting your, or don't know where your number is in the process; but, just threaten to cancel - globalinx will have it completed the next day.

-charging your debit/credit card all kinds of ridiculous amounts of money and charging of your card after you've canceled their service.

- ridiculous hold times when speaking with customer service - if you're pissed - you'll be put on hold at least 2 times for about 5 min each when talking with Globalinx - a strategy they use to get you to hang up.

- sucky telephone service, all scratcy and static ridden

- lies, lies, lies - make sure that you get everything they tell you in writing, or they'll try to play you like a chicken.

- the list goes on, and on, and on.

Life is too short - nobody needs this kind of aggrivation from a company that you're paying your hard earned money too on a regular basis.

Our relationship with Globalinx lasted barely 3 months; just say no - even if you're trying to help out a friend.

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