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What a rip off. Brought to us by a supposed friend.

Our other friends warned us that the company was not safe. Why we didn't listen is beyond me. We had good service with Vonage but switch to help a friend. It has been the experience from ***.

I could not receive faxes because of the poor quality of the Globalinx equipment. When we were forced to cancel they continue to bill us for services we were no longer receiving. They charged us an early cancellation fee even though we signed up for month-to-month service. When we talk to customer service and ask for a manager none are available but they assure us we will recieve a call back from them.

The call never comes but the charges never end.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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You are so correct we got their service as well and having the same problem but I'm getting ready to call the bank and cancel the auto-draft...they think they're slick...

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