In any contract, typically, two sides reach an agreement and both perform according to the agreement. I paid globalinx for voip service and they failed to provide me with what I paid for.

Their excuse was that my internet service was slow so I upgraded to 10mbs and even bought a faster router (another $150) to address the issue. Their service still did not work. They next blamed it on the phone lines leading to my house.

When I called to cancel with them they refused to waive the $100 early termination fee. Stay away from these "rip-off" artists.

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Newhall, California, United States #642141

I don't know what your talking about. I have had Globalinx for over a year and Vonage before that.

During this year I have lived in three different places in two states and I have never had an issue with it.

The only issue I have is a problem with my phone hardware itself: don't buy vtech cordless they're junk. :?


omg I have the same problem right now !!!! I don't need to even write anything they suck do not buy this service beware


i HAD the same issue. they blamed it on the internet being slow, was on the phone with them daily, like 2 times a day, having to reset the box, then they sent me a new one bc the first one was "faulty" but the new one "worked" the same.

lots of dropped calls, calls not going internationally, and lots of calls not coming in as they should. Did lots of tests with so many technicians. no work, useless. I changed to Vonage, and I have the same line, internet, everything, yet it is working just fine.

How can it be the line or internet problem?!

Fake and rip off. Plus then they took a month to transfer my number from them to voyage, which is an easy process, then charged me to having the service for one extra month (as they transferred number very slowly) on top of the $100.

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