I tried this company and ended up experiencing the most frustrating month of my life. Poor quality service, rude and incompetent customer service and very expensive.

I was never happier than I was when I heard a dial tone coming from my previous phone company. Dropped calls, phone failing to ring, static and echoes were the norm. Absolutely horrible experience. Obviously, thy put the blame on the ISP.

But, if that was a problem, why did I not have problems with my previous digital phone service?

These people are part of a "Pyramid" business and should be avoided. Stat away from them.

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LOL !! I was a 5linx rep back over the summer , I never felt more scammed in all my life too !!

the people that I signed into the company under drove a car in worst condition than mine .. they obviously did not even know what the *** they were doing with the business module , and I really wasn't crazy about inviting strangers into my home around my family.

I would never refer any of my friends or family to this second rate service with third rate products ... all of 5linx can kiss my natural black *** !!

Hollywood, Florida, United States #726584

Life is a pyramid

And this depend on your view of a pyramid


I have globalinx and I have no problems. I have ATT cellphone and I have drop calls.

I have an Iphone that freezes on me. That don't mean Apple or ATT is a scam. I join 5linx and it has been productive. If you take the training and do your part $$$ is to be made.

A Pyramid Scheme is what Madoff did. He was the only person who got paid. A Pyramid Structure is a 9 to 5.

Only one person at the top at a time. 5Linx is not like that and knowing the difference is half the battle.

to Technology is a working progre Brooklyn, New York, United States #587960

If your in 5linx and your not making money in your first year .... RUNN!!!

the 20 cent residuals is 100% true. 5linx is a recruitment based company meaning if your not recruiting your not making money. Sorry if your a new rep just hearing this but its true. If you like MLM and you dont want to recruit 5linx is not for you.

Try www.visalus.com or one of those juice companies there you will make $40+ per product sold..

My advice join a real business and stop telling people residual takes time to build (5linx/ACN brain washing statement). Because it doesn't have to.



By the time you get to know 5linx, its to late , they have already got your money....and they wont give it back...worst service I have ever had in my life...oh and I made a whopping 20 cents residual bonus for 3 montns and I had 81 ccustomers,,,that far from the way they tell it...100 thousand a year ha


try freephoneline.ca

free free. did i mention its freee


I have now had GLobalinx for now 2 Years and have not had ANY issues what so ever - Again you must have the right internet speed - if not it will not work correctly!!!

to I LOVE IT!!!! Brooklyn, New York, United States #587962

How much did your bill increase?? 29.99 my A** more like 54.96


Yeah, I find all the complaints to be a bit ridiculous. I've had the service for about 20 months now.

DTA and Videophone. I've had superb service if my internet was right. You have to remember that digital phone service is predicated on good internet connection. I'm not saying that the company and service are perfect but please remember that all technology has its issues from time to time.

i've found Globalinx to constantly improve its product and practice doesn't make perfect... it makes progress. I don't hear people complaining every time their Sprint or I phone drops a call.

Things happen. People just get in an uproar because the service is not mainstream and doesn't have commericials or public advertising.


i have had my volp for a month and so far so good... all companies have a problem and when we get =use to them .. everything works out...we will see what happens...


j-Dub you are so right service is great I never have had dropped calls.sometimes there are problems that are out the control of your carrier, I use to work to a cable company and someone cussed me out because they couldnt watch tv and I told him that if we have a power outage the tv works on electricity and he accused me of trying to blame the electric company just because he didnt have electriciy that has nothing to do with the cable


I have or should I say had two globalinx services. One was the DTA box and the other was the video phone.

Now my DTA box was purchased first and around a month later I got my video phone and I paid my video phone bill up for the entire year. Last month I lost my debit card and reported it stolen during all this madness I forgot to pay my DTA bill and both phones were turned off as a result. Now how do you turn off a phone that bell is paid for the entire year I don't know but the rude customer service people tried to get me to see the logic in that I still don't. I was willing to pay my bill that I forgot about until I discovered the SCAM.

This is unreal. BEWARE!!!!!


Thanks for sharing your experience. I just considering them as an option for home phone service, but after reading your and the bad experiences of many many others, I don't need the "get to know for myself" experience. I trust you - I will avoid them!!!!


I averaged 3 days out of every month with no phone service. When I could get through to technical support, they always blamed the ISP.

Usually I would get the canned message we are experiencing network problems then click (No Tech Support). As an end user who has to rely on my phone for business Globalinx was a big mistake and cost me business. When I canceled them they held me for over $100.00 for early cancelation fees.

When their service was *** to begin with. Avoid this company at all cost.

Alicante, Valencia, Spain #128633

That's odd because I've had Globalinx for about 4 months now and I am completely satisfied with my service. I originally had Vonage so I already knew digital phone service works well.

There was an initial hurdle getting my number ported from Vonage but once that was resolved I have never had an issue. No echos...no static and the price is very reasonable (24.95 + tax). The customer service techs were very courteous and helpful. I would think you were talking about a complete different company.

To express an opinion about a particular company is fine...but to tell people to avoid a particular company based on a "personal" experience goes a bit far.

I always say you should get to know a person for yourself before you made a decision about them...versus going by what someone else says about them. I love my Globalinx service and I certainly plan to keep it.


If only I would've known!!we were so sucked in and sooo dissapointed now!!

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