I signed up with Globalinx because a family member assured me that it was a less expensive service. Let me tell you, it is true what they say, you get what you pay for and the less you pay, the worse service you get.

In which case, you wound up paying more because essentially, you are paying for nothing and that it what I did, pay for nothing. On the first day I got the box in my mail, I tried to connect it and use it... it did not work!!! I called up Globalinx to ask them why it was not working, they proceeded to tell me that I had to fax a letter to them giving them permission to port my number from current phone company.

I was in the process of moving so I was not able to do this, plus I had no fax machine and just didn't have to time to go and find one. Any way, they told me no problem, that as soon as I got my self situated at my new residence, I could call them back once I had faxed them permission to port and then they would start my service. It took me almost 3 months to move and in the meantime, they were billing me although I was still with Att phone company and was using the same number that Globalinx was billing me for.

I then called Globalinx to find out why was this happening, they wound up giving me a credit for two months worth of service.

I asked them, how it was that they could bill me when they told me that I was not with them until I had given them permission to port over my number. The operators response was, "We should have received permission from you to port if we are billing you" Right away, eyebrow goes up! I'm thinking, what is she talking about, I never gave the permission to port over my number so I should have not been billed at all. I proceeded to ask her was the phone service connected, she said yes it was.

So, I plugged my phone up with the box just as she had told me to do and still, my home phone was not working. I sat on the phone with a tech person trying to trouble shoot the problem, the tech lady took over my computer and everything, we were on the phone for a hour in a half, still, phone never got to working. I told the lady look, I need for you to cancel this phone service, I have a family daycare to run and I just don't have the time and effort to offer to this problem. She connected me to someone else for that part for which they kept me on hold for a good 20 minutes.

I requested that they discontinue the service and they did. Next thing I know I am still getting billed that following month. Now, if they really gave me a credit for 2 months and closing out my account out was an over site on their behalf, why did they send me a bill the following month? Come to find out, they kept billing me for up to 240 dollars for which I am fighting to try and get back.

Not one day did I have the service and I got billed 230 dollars for nothing. Globalinx told me straight out that they were not going to refund me my money.

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