Switched from Vonage to GLOBALINX because a friend represents them and said service was better. Paid a years service upfront (over $300) took phone adapter to my home in Puerto Vallarta and spent 2 days with the tech dept trying to get it to work.

They said I needed a different router, bought a new one (another $120) and still it wouldn't work. Their tech person was at a loss as to why it wouldn't work. We took pictures of cables, let them take control of our computer, nothing worked.

Finally have given up and called to ask for a refund... They have refused even a partial refund, are the crazy?

If they are that far off on customer service it is no surprise their products are sub-par.

Dean Puerto Vallarta

Monetary Loss: $380.

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The problem we ran into, and from what I am reading in the Globalinx Pro Talk 200 manual, even though it it is a digital system, the manual says to connect an ANALOG phone to it. I initially had our newer cordless phones connected and could not get it to work.

When I connected the one older analog phone to the Pro Talk modem it worked. I don't know why they would think people would have old analog phones???


You probably need a higher speed internet connection.

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