when you are porting a number, you have to keep your number active with your previous company, but if they mess up the process, it could delay your number being ported for 2 months. meanwhile you're paying globalinx for a temporary number while you're paying the older company too.

then when you finally use the service with cordless handsets, it is bad...it drops calls, statics and i'm not talking about using cheap phones...i'm talking about using bad service...because the phones never did that before...call into customer service and they tell you to get better phones when the ones you already had worked with the last company just fine.

try to cancel with them and they will not waive your fee.

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Wait till the reps tell you that you can port your cell number. You sign up they take your money and you find out that you can't port your cell number and then they have the balls to want more money from you when you don't want their service.


Attention: Anon please u probably work for the company or did someone pay u to say that!! Everybody can't have the same issues OKAY!!


This service sucks big time!! My phone service is reasonable but quality is terrible.My calls drop,my phone doesn't ring, and i get so much static on the other end that i can't hear the other caller.

I wished that i have read this complaints before i switched...I would had worked something out with my old provider.

Customer service is terrible! They need to get reported to the, "Better Business Bureau"!


I wish I had read this before I signed up! I did this as a favor to help my friend build his business.

It's been since 11/2/09 and I'm still waiting for my number to be ported. When you call customer service, there is NEVER a supervisor around to speak to you. They open a ticket and tell you someone will call back in 48 hours. They never call back.

Meanwhile you are paying for something you cannot use. Then they try to play on words by saying you can use the box because it has a temporary number and it is a funcional box.

My answer to that is: HOW *** IS THAT? Why would I give a temporary number to people just to justify them charging me??????


it's not about it being "broke". the point of voip is to save money. your "saying" doesn't even apply to the situation


OMG! I am fed up with these idiots!

I had my phone number accidentally ported away from Globalinx on Aug 8.... what a darn mistake! Call after all back and forth with these morons, one guy finally told me to submit a auth form by fax. That was 2 weeks ago...

It is now Oct 1 and I called to find the status of my #.... They said that it was ported away as of Sept 28!!! WTF!!!! What was the reason for the fax?!

Wasnt it to keep my # with GL?

I asked to speak with a supervisor and she didnt even come on the phone, she told him to tell me to submit another auth form and it would get processed by 30 days. 30 DAYS!!! Lets see... Aug 8 - Nov 1?

Meanwhile, I am still to pay my bill!? Oh yeah, I asked for reimbursement for the 2 months without a phone.... they said NO because it was not their fault. Freaking Idiots!

So, Im going with Verizon! A big name that can be trusted.


It seems you don't know too much about what you were doing. First, the process of porting a phone number from 1 carrier to another is same for every single phone company in the world.

When you request the number to be ported to Globalinx, they send the request to your previous carrier. At that point all Globainx does, is wait for your previous carrier to release the phone number, and send it to Globalinx. You have to keep the number active for your previous carrier or else you don't own the number anymore.

This process is the same for every single phone company.

The call quality issues you experienced are common with VoiP companies, and are commonly related to internet provider, it doesn't even seem like you tried to fix the call quality issues. Any one trained at any VoiP phone company is trained to go over Internet speed with the customer before telling them to "get new phones" I highly doubt you are telling the complete story here.


Wow, I guess you're just a *** for switching in the first place. "If the radio works, don't fix it"

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