Keep in mind, I rarely ever go out of my way to write reviews over things. I'm usually a content costumer.

Everything was horrific from the start. When I made the switch to Globalinx and finally got my unlock code for my phone, my notification bar showed that I had 4G, but it did not work. This was an easy fix when I called customer service, but internet would randomly stop working for weeks and them come back out of no where. Also, whenever I would try to call places, 90% of the time, right when I click on call, the call will be dropped.

Sometimes I do not receive calls and my family and peers would tell me that my phone would quickly go to voicemail even though my phone was alive and at almost 100%. Now, for some reason, my phone actively blocked messages. I have not received any prior text messages saying that I have made changes to my account. I tried to call customer service today using my phone, but since it is a Sunday, services are closed.

I did not know this so I ended up talking to a lady in charge of commercial problems.

She did not tell me and instead just asked me for my call back number, then said I have to call them when offices are open, which makes no sense. Way to go on customer and cell phone services.

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Saint Robert, Missouri, United States #904033

What network did they pick from the top 4 co's offered. Mobi runs off of at&t,Sprint,Verizon,&T-Mobil ? my ptoton4g runs great hasn't skipped a beat!

to bob Brooklyn, New York, United States #938795

I am a Verizon customer and they and At&T which my friends have directly ALL have service that is not the greatest in the world. The 5linx service Mobi is about the same as well just cheaper which is a plus.

This is objective since I am not a Mobi 5linx phone user. I am thinking of switching just because the service is the same; just cheaper. why not. they all are good and they all are bad.

I have also had conversations both helpful and not at all helpful with direct companies as well. the luck of the draw I guess.

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